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Commish's Column

Week 1 

April 7th, 2017

by Omair Zahid

So, how exciting was our first week of the spring league? I mean…a 5 overtime game to open the season?! Haqq and Deen Squad with the battle of the ages. At one point, I was about to call it a draw because the game wouldn’t end! We had buzzer beaters, crazy shots, a ridiculous 4 point play from Norris Anderson of Haqq just when I thought the game was over, only to have Dane Thompson whip a backwards no look pass to a wide open Mo Ahmed for the game winner. A game of the ages to be sure.


So let’s dive into the rest of the recap shall we?

MIB 71  Al Wu7oosh 69 – MIB was down 16-2 at the start of the game but rallied for the 2 point win. A nice comeback, and a good competitive game by both teams. The dynamic duo of Aaron Person and Isaiah Nicholsen combined for 53 points for MIB. Al Wu7oosh twin towers also balled it up with a combined 35 points and 27 rebounds.

Jund 59 Kamisars 49 – Both teams were missing key players so it wasn’t a good image of what these teams are. Ramzi Chabaan (Who doesn’t answer a message no matter how hard you try)(Yea I’m calling you out Ramzi) dropped 33 points and Brian Sealander double doubled with 16 points and 17 boards to get the win. I’m calling out David Troche of the Kamisars(He may have a good reason) for being on our no show list of the week by telling his team he was there and then didn’t show up. NO SHOW DAVID!

An-Nur 92 Sirat 44 – Just like last season, An-Nur opened the season with a demolishing of Sirat. Sirat needs help, and not having Nasser there didn’t help matters. (Nasser, if you’re reading this, Sirat needs you like the superman logo on their chest, PLEASE SAVE US) Ok I’m exaggerating but they need help. Rajiv Douglas had a triple double and newcomer Jaret Williams was impressive with 30 points.

Deen Squad 98 Haqq 96 5OT – Dane Thompson and Norris Anderson duked it out in this epic battle, with Dane dropping 40 points and Norris adding 36. Jeremy Diaz of Haqq chipped in 23 points while newcomer Chrys Emile added 21 points for Deen Squad.


Ok, here’s my no show list of the week. This is something new I’m starting, and it’s a list of players who say they will come and then they don’t show up. Of course, I’m guessing on some of these, so if you’re mistakenly on this list, well, deal with it.

NO SHOW LIST – Mazin Hussein, MIB. Hamza Ali, MIB. Tyron Louis, Jund. Zain Khalid, Jund. Ali Aslam, Al Wu7oosh. Hani El-Banna, Kamisars. David Troche, Kamisars.

Did you guys pay to play?? SHOW UP AND BALL! (Isn’t this fun? I’m expecting hate mail now)


Ok, game predictions. Because those are always fun, and I’m always right. Of course.

Deen Squad vs Kamisars – If Kamisars show up at full strength, I think they will battle. Deen Squad clearly looks like the strongest team right now, and if their roster is at full strength, they should take this game. Deen Squad by 12

Jund vs Haqq – I’m hoping both these teams are at full strength. In our league, you never know, so I’ll base the prediction that they will be on Sunday. I like Junds team, but Haqq also looks like one of the top rosters in the league. I expect Norris to lead the way, but it might be closer than expected. Haqq by 6

An-Nur vs Al Wu7oosh – I expect this to be a close game. Faysal Shafaat will make his An-Nur Debut but Edwin Franco, An-Nurs all around player will miss the game. The twin towers may cause trouble for An-Nur, but the offense is in An-Nurs favor. I expect a close game. An-Nur by 7


Sirat vs MIB – This is an easy one. Nasser is still out, and MIB has a nasty triple threat with Aaron, Isaiah and Akber. I expect another easy win. MIB by 25


That’s it. Please note fellas the jersey rule is now in effect with it being week 2. ALL players must wear matching uniforms on Sunday. If you lose your jersey or haven’t been given one, you must wear a shirt with a matching color and a number on the back. Failure to do so will result in a technical foul for the first offense.

That’s it, see you Sunday!

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