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Commish's Column

Week 1 

August 11th, 2017

by Omair Zahid

So Week 1 just finished and week 2 is 48 hours away. For the first time since 2014 we have more than 8 teams. Dev and I thought long about adding another team, mainly because we don’t want to work that hard lol. But we did, so this season we have 9 teams which means 8 games during the season, more than our normal 7 game season for you guys. I’m glad we’re back though, we had 2 months off during the summer and that’s long enough, it’s time to ball. Let’s recap week 1


Jund 88 Haqq 85 OT – Oh how Haqq can’t catch a break. In what appeared to be a flashback to last season, Haqq starts this season exactly the same way, leading at the end of the game only to blow it and lose in overtime. Haqq was up 83-81 when Jeremy Diaz broke away from what looked like a game winning layup, only to miss and allow Shariff Al-Mulla to go back the other way and tie the game with 4 seconds left. Tim Nightingale would make a layup at the buzzer but it would be waived off, and Jund would go on to win in overtime. Feel bad for Haqq, they can’t catch a break.


Mutaqeen 82 Sirat 57 – One of our new teams this season is Mutaqeen, and they had a nice debut easily defeating Sirat by 25, who unfortunately only had 3 of their players show up for their first game and NMAA had to give them 2 temporary free agents just so they could have 5 players. Hopefully Sirat gets better organized for the rest of the season. Good win by Mutaqeen, their core of Jay Barnett, Ben Bertot, Ayub Abdel-Rahman and David Troche looks very solid.


MIB 84 An-Nur 70 – in the finals rematch from last season MIB would get revenge by raining 16 three pointers and knocking off An-Nur who looked rusty and were sorely missing Edwin Franco who we call our Draymond Green of NMAA. MIB looks explosive and when they get Spring MVP Isaiah Nicholsen back from IR in September could make them unbeatable.


Al-Qamar 79 Kamisars 59 – Kamisars were shorthanded so our new team Al-Qamar were able to pull away for an easy win late in the game. Newcome Duane Howard looks very smooth and it will be interesting to see how far he can take this squad in NMAA.


Shoutouts – Akber Yasin for MIB went off. 32 points and 9 threes. Come on Akber, chill out a little bit. Props to Aaron Person too with 25 and 14. For Jund Deangelo Lee and Shariff Al-Mulla had great games, 29 and 27 points, great job fellas. Duane Howard made his NMAA debut with almost a triple double, 27, 10 and 7 ast. Great job guys!


I’m not previewing week 2 games because well…I don’t feel like it. BUT, I will say I am looking forward to the Jund vs MIB game, that should be a fun one to watch. I think Kamisars vs Haqq will be an exciting game too.


I need a volunteer each week to help me do game videos. Currently we’re only getting one game a week on video, when my game is up we don’t have anyone to record. Anyone who wants to get their Marv Albert on, hit me up.


Final note – remember the jersey rule is in effect for Sunday. All players must wear matching jerseys with a number on the back. Technical fouls will be assessed for first offense. See you Sunday!


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