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Power Rankings

End of Season

1 LW(1) - An-Nur - An-Nur knocks off Jund and finishes the season in first place, ends up at the top

2 LW(2) - Jund - Jund falls to An-Nur but blows out Sirat, finish in second place 

3 LW(3) - MIB - MIB closes out Deen Squad and Haqq to finish 3rd, their highest finish in the draft system

4 LW(7) - Al Wu7oosh - Wu7oosh closes with a win over Deen Squad, moves up to 4th

5 LW(8) - Sirat - Sirat played all season shorthanded and only 3 games out of their top pick, but still finished 3-4. They move up to 5th

6 LW(6) - Kamisars - Kamisars knock off a disinterested An-Nur in the final game, finish in 6th

7 LW(4) - Deen Squad - Deen Squad drops to 7th after finishing the season on a 5 game losing streak

8 LW(5) - Haqq - Haqq finishes in last place after being the preseason number 1. Remains to be seen if they will bounce back in the playoffs 

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