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Power Rankings

End of Season

1 LW(1) - Jund - Jund defeats An-Nur and Sirat, finish undefeated and number one for the season

2 LW(2) - An-Nur - An-Nur drops it's last two games, but barely hang on to second place in the rankings

3 LW(3) - Al-Wu7oosh - Wu7oosh finishes second in the standings, but their loss to An-Nur keeps them at 3rd

4 LW(4) - Haqq - Haqq blew a big lead to Wu7oosh but defeated MIB, stay at 4th

5 LW(6) - Sirat - Sirat finishes at 3-4, and move up to 5th in the rankings

6 LW(8) - Kamisars- Kamisars look impressive in their upset win over An-Nur, move up to 6th

7 LW(5) - Deen Squad - Deen Squad drops their last 2 to finish at 2-5, drop to 7th

8 LW(7) - MIB - MIB lost many lose games this season, are a player away from being a contending team

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